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Hipster dipper and mabel

doublepines: “ i have a headcanon that mabel gets really into the edm scene in college and drags dipper to shows with her whenever she gets the chance she’s in charge of both their wardrobes and dipper just goes with it cos why the hell not he’s.

I don't even ship it.. I just think it's super cute

Dippers first kiss, you could say it was as sweet as. Sorry guys this is adorable. There's something wrong with me Oh well Mabel ships it so I ship it.

Stan with baby dipper and mabel...awwwww

Stan with baby dipper and mabel.awwwww>>> Stan looks so old without his glasses

|| Mason "Dipper" Pines || Mabel Pines || Reverse Falls ||

Gravity Falls :: Reverse Falls :: Reverse Mabel and Reverse Dipper

Okay I still dont know how I feel about this ship but this is freaking hilarious

Trust me I'm HATE pinecest but I love this comic with out the kiss<<< if ship it if they weren't siblings also yea it's funny

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Awkwaaard by markmak on DeviantArt

Awkwaaard by markmak on DeviantArt. Well maybe it was a Twilight-type thing and he broke up with her to protect her