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☼ чσu'rє mч rαч σf sunshínє ☼ píntєrєst- @hєчítscαtrínα

Lukey :D lol I like the random bras you silly girls throw at the boys all over the floor. Silly girls they don't want your crusty bras, they want your respect for them and yourself!

Aww poor Luke xD

Aww poor Luke xD but he is so adorable doing that.

THIS BAND--not our little secret anymore

2014 Billboard Music Awards: 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford . Love these guys

That fire extinguisher is to put out the fire from each other because they're so freaking hot

<< I love how Ashton looks all dangerous with his fire extinguisher, Luke looks very awkward, Michael is playing it safe with the helmet, and Calum looks like he deals with weird band members everyday. Because he does.

Calum making Luke smile.... <3

27 Times Melted Fangirls' Hearts At The Billboard Music Awards Ashton's face in the background omg

5SOS (this took forever omg)

I still haven't seen this video because I feel like I would be in pain just by watching it