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Felicity Jones - One of my favourite young actresses. One of several strong and bright stage and screen presences in British acting. Highlights: Catherine Morland, Luise Miller.

The 10 best Jane Austen characters – in pictures

Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility Elinor is one of Austen’s most misunderstood heroines. Seen through the lens of modern sensibilities she is perceived as repressed and a control freak. In fact she is more sensitive than her sister Marianne, and selfless in her desire to keep her sorrow and heartbreak to herself. Her suffering is every bit as raw and painful as her sister’s, but she is the exemplar of quiet endurance rather than noisy self-indulgence. She gets her man in the end, but…

What type of nineteenth-century novel should YOU be a heroine in?

Mr. Collins!!! --Ahahahahaha!!! Two of my favorites in one?! This is awesome!!! <--- IKR!!! This actually made be burst out laughing! I totally agree with Gandalf about this one... Quick! Fly before he starts talking about Lady Catherine de Bourgh!