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I just want to know if you guys and girls wanted me to draw anything. :3.So if have a request, or an idea, let me know! :D

This is what happens when Kaito using a banana in his icecream. This is for my friend @Ninja Len Kagamine

Ok guys! This is an intro to a thing I'm gunna do. I'm planning on doing an ask hoodie and masky! So ya! If you have a question for them comment. Im going this cause I'm bored and I feel like crap today. This is gunna go also long as I have questions. Some I might not do for reasons. But ya! What do ya think?

Verin, the shadow reaper dragon. Also Adonis's celestial creature! So I know I got creative people out their right? I have no idea what do for my character Derrick (red haired amour guy) he is loyal, kind, and gentle. He is freaky strong. I would love your ideas!