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Jung's 12 character archetypes: Plan your characters.

Character Archetypes: Enriching your Novel's Cast

10 tips for kawaii character design | Character design | Creative Bloq creativebloq.com

10 tips for kawaii character design

These great tips will help you to incorporate kawaii style into your own creative work. Cute chibi like tutorial

Sometimes you are not meant to like the protagonist right away, and there are many varying ways to produce a likable character. But most ...

People, characters, are pretty much the reason we read any story. Your MC doesn't have to be perfect, they don't even have to be all that nice, but there is one single important thing they must do to gain the readers' admiration.

How to name a character: delve into this first step in the character creation process and find out where to look, what to look for, and what to avoid when naming the characters in your novel! // Something Delicious

How to Name a Character

How to name a character My personal method is to browse baby names websites and search a few meanings, seeing what the best, relative names are. In my current draft at least I have Creed (belief) and Eden (paradise).

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My journey in the professional world of animation starts with traditional animation, something I know very little about though I& fortunate.

Strong Female Character Cliches to Avoid writersrelief.com

It seems like everybody these days is trying to write “strong” female characters. Women are strong … Continue reading >Strong Female Character Cliches to Avoid