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This technique uses third party content. It is another user's You Tube video with content from another author in "quote" format. This is great for adding blog posts that are not entirely original. Harrowing footage of Taiwan plane crashing through a bridge

Harrowing footage of Taiwan plane crashing through a bridge

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~ George Carlin ... speaks the truth

George Carlin was one of the most celebrated and long standing comedians in American History. Born in New York City in Carlin was a stand up comedian, author and actor. During his long career, Carlin won five grammy awards and was recenlty.

Oooops! You can now exit from here & slide right into the river! Plane ride and amusement park all in one!

Airline and Military Aircraft Mishap Crash and Accident Pictures and Images Airplanes & Flight.

spitfire at shoreham aircraft museum, sevenoaks, kent

The legendary spitfire . The icon of the greatest wars ever fought. On display at shoreham aircraft museum, sevenoaks, kent

Oprah has the brain equivalent of horse shit. Don't know but I do know that man's job says a lot

You're going to be VERY happy when you see what Ben Carson just said about 2016 - Young Conservatives

George Carlin

Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges