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This may be from the movie "Brave" but it's basically the story of my hair growing up! Can't wait to see if my little girl is blessed with curly hair😊

What Doesn't Kill You

Fitness Motivation Station: What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger Exercise Inspirational Quotes

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A bunch of burn outs.

Jim Gaffigan is the best! "Have you tried the hot pocket hot pocket? It's a hot pocket filled with a hot pocket. Tastes just like a hot pocket.


Love is.supporting one another through old age. I remember the Love Is cartoons in the Gazette when I was in school!

lol :) i wonder how many dirty looks i'd get for this one???

These dumb asses put my cape on backwards Bib McNamara * I am getting this for your future child :)

.  encyclopaedia?


I'm pretty sure I've pinned this before but it makes me laugh every time. "That's a damn shame.

How americans feel about every state

How americans feel about every state

this is interesting. my fav is which state should be kicked out of america - texas, haha and which state is the most underrated - oregon (my state - yayy)

I would love to see how my future boyfriends would fill this out. Or my past boyfriends...

But I do not object to my daughter dating a guy with piercings or tattoos. My husband has both. I would use this for dating my daughter. Just change some things.