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I have no idea where to pin this so since it pertains to me being gay it goes on "right in the childhood"

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Business goals are a waste of time without a clear action plan

Setting effective business goals and backing them up with a clear action plan is essential.


How to Build An Emergency Fund You Can Be Proud Of

How to Build and Emergency Fund You Can Be Proud Of Are you using credit rather than savings to cover emergencies? Learn to start funding your emergency fund today.

The new Bluetooth Smart Kevo smart lock powered by UniKey


Smart Tips for Saving Money: How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Are you wondering how you can save money on a tight budget? We’ve put together some smart tricks and tips for saving money without breaking a sweat with these powerful money saving tips.

Just hook it up so that it charges the laptop. That's not quite what they meant, but it's something

41 Smart and Creative DIY Projects That You Can Make and Sell With Ease


8 Smart Ways to Make Your Money Go Further

8 Smart Ways to Make Your Money Go Further Here are some simple money saving tips to help learn how to save money and keep it in your bank account for longer!


Financial Goals in Order of Priority

Do you have too many financial goals? The importance of financial goal setting cannot be overstated. To achieve your financial goals, you must learn to set them in this order of importance. Here's how to prioritize them.