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Nouvelle Créa: Marie Wicca Série " Magic Forest" belle Agate Multi-color. DIM: 63x40mm Origine Pierre: chine Sertissage:Alliage Fait main. Matières: Agate Multi-color, Alliage plaqué or. Ref:0151

The Goddess and the Green Man | Yule Winter Solstice | Yule

The Goddess and the Green Man | Imbolc | Imbolc Candlemas

The Goddess and the Green Man | Litha Summer Solstice | Litha

The Goddess and the Green Man | Samhain Halloween | Samhain Halloween

The Goddess and the Green Man | Mabon Autumn Equinox | Mabon Autumn Equinox


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"Nature speaks to you, through voiceless whispers." S. A. Carter The Kuthun

Gina Marie wrote: Instructions on how to find your personal symbol: mine is the Dragonfly

OMG it's gorgeous LOL! Blessed Be and thank you for following and/or contributing. You always make this place Magickal. )O(

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Rabbits, Cosmic Eggs, Pagan Goddesses & Transition – Easter Origins & Awareness

The Easter Bunny is actually a hare, the sacred animal of Eostre (or…