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Fenton Hobnail Ruffled White Milk Glass Pitcher. Hobnail glassware gets its name from the studs, or round projections, on the surface of the glass. These studs were thought to resemble the impressions made by hobnails, a type of large-headed nail used in bootmaking. Fenton Art Glass introduced Hobnail Glass in translucent colors in 1939 & Milk Glass Hobnail in 1950

Vintage Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Jug or Pitcher - White Glass Vase - 1960s

Fenton hobnail milk glass. ~ FYI, Fenton is or has gone out of business so their items are now more collectible.

NASCAR Winners Circle Speedweeks Series 1999 Complete Set of 7 Car's

oh i have several of this pattern. a larger bowl and an smaller one, with a round platter also. then the small pedestal bowl. they are so pretty to group all together.