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This is why i want to be jacks best friend

Jack, honey, i can see your underwear you might want tofix your skinny jeans, darling.

Jack Barakat and a small child being adorable. It's like Jack kidnapped him or something <<< Oh my God! Who gave him a kid!

All time lowwww

All time low XD - Excuuuuuuse me but All Time Low is more than Jalex

Reasons we love All Time Low.......... *drools on floor*

Jack needs to wear glasses more often. <<< what what what he has glasses that make him look superduperfreakingsexy yes he should definitely wear them


for all those people who don't understand my love for bands and music, here you go Alex Gaskarth-All Time Low quote

Reasons why I love Jack Barakat...Exhibit A<<< out of the 50 levels of the museum and there's 27 exhibits per level in honor of him being 27

Reasons why I love Jack Barakat.Exhibit A<<< out of the 50 levels of…

Jack Jack oh dear beloved Jack. What shall we do with you

Sorry for the all time low spam ( more like Jack Barakat spam) but I feel like. Plus who Doesn't love ATL?

Second best photo of Jack and Zack I've ever seen

They said you can't get pregnant through internet.