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I love Xiumeee obviously! But I also adore D.O. he's my Doobie My DooBeeDoooBeeeDoooo, when I first saw this meme I didn't like it, in fact I hated all the comment's about him being creepy. I thought they would hurt his image of how he saw himself. I'm sensitive because people can easily participate in bullying online without seeing the person's inner turmoil. I never want to be apart of that. So will a brave soul tell me does this cross the line?

keke totally true~!! JK~ keke we all wish our husbands are EXO members right?? keke lets admit it that we want them to say this too~

Chanyeol trying to fight with his fellow beagle but instead flinches away from his counter attack. Chen is just like "Try that again, you can't touch this" and then you have guardian Suho making sure it doesn't become serious and Xiumin doing who knows what. Oh I love these kids so much.

omg haha *I didn't understand, so I hit *right click* "Search Google for this image," found a tumblr post on it, went to the original post, saw the tag "Someone delete Sehun's Instagram," looked up "Sehun Instagram," scrolled down in Google images, and yehet. Found it.