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Are you? It's just a choice.

Top 40 Very Funny Friendship Quotes

This made me giggle. Reminded me of my friend Jessica when we were going to go dumpster diving for coupons!!

Best Friendship Quotes of the Week

20 Quotes That Show What Friendship Truly Means - who is true to your face, who is loyal, looks out for your best interest, not how you best benefit them, gossip about you behind your back, make snarky comments, compete, and use you for their gain.

Friendship - Good friends are like snow flakes #Beautiful, #GoodFriends, #SnowFlakes

I've been his angel, from the very beginning:) And there's no better feeling than that!

To My Best Friend As We Room Together In College

I cannot wait to do college with you!

Friendship Isn't A Big Thing, Its A Million Little Things quotes friendship quote friends friend friendship quotes friend quotes

Top 30 Cute Friendship Quotes

Top 30 Cute Friendship Quotes More

Best Friendship Quotes of the Week

This is more than just a quote for best friends, this is what love feels like

True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart