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Com Truise flier

Com Truise flier

Com Truise 2013 European Tour Dates

Com Truise 2013 European Tour Dates

Logos on F1 racer

Emerging from the Logos

Ferrari Team, Emerging from the logos - Yoni Alter

Tycho - Awake ::: fabulous album for happy introversion time. Very uplifting. Kinda short though.

The 5 best album covers of 2014 so far

tumblr_inline_noxkgheB4C1t8vs3i_500.jpg (500×500)

The inspired logo of another great synthwave artist - "VHS Dreams"

stay rad

Misaki, Future Punk Trend Spotter

Introducing the OVERDRIVE SERIES& an original set of & infused prints from Signalnoise. On sale for 24 hours this Wednesday.

Glow by Xavier Portela

Inkut Lab presents the first exhibition of Xavier Portela: Glow. A series of pictures printed on brushed aluminum plate and available in limited edition.