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Puppy shiba inu sleeping :) while this makes me sad (why is he sleeping like that?!) but despite that, it is freaking cute!

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Yes many meme. Such dan.

Paradoxes , paradoxes everywhere

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Doge! Such Funny Best Internet Meme Wow

wow doge gif =D this is the best, I think I've never laughed so hard!

Shiba Inu - "A friendly, outgoing dog, the Shiba Inu is an alert guardian of family and home, quite content to be a watchful housedog. Light and quick, its movement is completely effortless. The Shiba is perky, outgoing and curious... the Shiba is adaptable and flexible, so most living conditions will suit this dog just fine. It's full of energy, so give it plenty of daily exercise."

My future Shiba Inu puppy as soon as I am financially able to get one....I can't wait to spend time with this bundle of cuteness! I love these pups!

Shiba Inu pup. Shiba Inu dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at #drawDOGS He also can add your dog's name into the lithograph.