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The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown. As the cabal strives for total domination of the world, extraterrestrial forces work to eradicate the threat of nuclear devastation. All the while, both sides vie to stay hidden from public view. However, all of their clandestine machinations are about to be revealed. David Wilcock explains how this disclosure war is reaching critical mass because its most influential players are also the most well know.

David Wilcock lists the many mini-disclosures that have been taking place in new media that is preparing the world for what is soon to come:

Weatherman Scott Stevens deciphers our atmosphere's chemtrail patterns and provides evidence revealing the direct connection between chemtrails and extreme weather conditions.

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For over 6,000 years, the Archons have been guiding our history for their own gain. Their greatest fear is that we will take responsibility for ourselves, leaving them powerless. Filmmaker Jay Weidner reveals who these Archons are, how they retain power and what we can do to escape their trap.

A 262-foot hole in the ground has mysteriously appeared in Yamal, Russia. It's stumped scientists thus far, who debate theories amongst themselves as to its origins. Read the full article and watch the video on the blog.

It is possible to awaken from the matrix into a life of grace and not be effected by all the negativity. Nick Good offers ways that you can attain a grounded and practical lifestyle that will help you ascend into a higher version of yourself that can manifest a life of wonder.

In a world awash with media, the value of the individual is diminished in favor of a hive mentality. Neil Kramer explains how you can begin living as a sovereign human being by deliberately creating and refining the self and awakening the will within.