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How can we #awaken from our day-to-day reality's #illusion, created by mass #hypnosis?

The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown. As the cabal strives for total domination of the world, extraterrestrial forces work to eradicate the threat of nuclear devastation. All the while, both sides vie to stay hidden from public view. However, all of their clandestine machinations are about to be revealed. David Wilcock explains how this disclosure war is reaching critical mass because its most influential players are also the most well know.

A 262-foot hole in the ground has mysteriously appeared in Yamal, Russia. It's stumped scientists thus far, who debate theories amongst themselves as to its origins. Read the full article and watch the video on the blog.

In a world awash with media, the value of the individual is diminished in favor of a hive mentality. Neil Kramer explains how you can begin living as a sovereign human being by deliberately creating and refining the self and awakening the will within.

Today on Beyond Belief with George Noory: For the first time in history, humanity has the ability to eradicate all life on the planet. Could this be part of an intricate biblical plan? Paul McGuire reveals prophecies for America and explains how we can counteract the elite as the final countdown begins.

50 years ago one of the most tragic events took place in American History. The assassination of JFK sparked an era of inquiry and demand for full disclosure. Who assassinated the President and why? Was it just one part of an even bigger plan? Jerome Corsi has thoroughly studied the assassination of JFK and has discovered new evidence which answers these burning questions which he reveals in this interview with George Noory.

Recent archeological discoveries support the indigenous lore of an advanced race of American giants, yet the evidence is considered forbidden. Despite this suppression of information, Richard J. Dewhurst has uncovered proof that ancient giants once ruled America.