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Your Lonely Grandparents Can Now Get a Robot Retriever To Keep Them Company

Last year Hasbro wowed, and saddened us a little, with a new line of toys targeted at seniors in need of a companion, but without the need for all the mess that comes along with a pet. The first addition to its Joy For All line was a robotic cat, but it’s now being joined by a robotic golden retriever that any dog lover would spend hours playing with.

Google Earth Pro Is Now Available for Free

Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you like to make 3D measurements or create HD videos of virtual trips around the world, I'd jump on this. You can download the software key directly from Google and start an online global journey.

This Segway-Based Robot Inventories an Entire Store in Less Than an Hour

Stock-taking is one of those awful jobs that robots are primed to take. A Toronto-based company ...

Facebook's New Suicide Prevention Tools Finally Get It Right

Facebook doesn't exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to sensitivity, but its newest tool (built in collaboration with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) is thankfully bucking that trend. Now, if you see a worrisome post from a friend and report it, Facebook will prompt them to get help on their next login—after a third party reviews it.

Obama: If You Cyberattack the US, We'll Sanction You

President Obama has a message for foreign hackers: You’re grounded. The president declared a national emergency and signed an executive order today allowing targeted sanctions on anyone who is deemed a cyberthreat to the United States.

Will Live Concerts Make You Want to Strap VR to Your Face?

Samsung’s Gear VR is one of the cheaper ways to get into good VR, but it’s soundly surpassed by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But Samsung is determined to stay in the game, which is why it’s developing at least one standalone VR devices.

Samsung Finally Gave Us the Laptop Apple Should Have

Samsung’s gone and done it guys. It’s made a perfectly wonderful laptop that retails for under a grand, is of exceptional quality, and is neither under-powered nor teeming with crappy finishes. This is the college-bound laptop everyone, including Apple, has failed to make for the last couple of years.

Here's What Happened To All 53 of Marissa Mayer's Yahoo Acquisitions

Yahoo, the once-vaunted internet giant, is in shambles. Its revenue is in decline. Its shareholders are crying foul. Its prized public faces are scrambling for an exit, and the company is in the process of laying off 15 percent of its workforce. Its core business—internet search and advertising—is negatively valued. Looming over all of this is a prospective sale of the company’s core assets, bids for which have reportedly reached more than $5 billion.

Police kill money-stealing botnet that infected millions of PCs

It started Tuesday when technology CEO Roger Ver got a request for a Skype chat from someone using the name Savaged. “I am the one that hacked into your emails… I just want to speak,” Savaged wrote. “How can I help you?” Ver responded. “I...