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This was our calculator! Amazingly, you could get really good at making complicated calculations quickly. You just had to keep track of your exponents. They were based on logarithms, so there were lots of options.

Modern Antiques That Today’s Kids Probably Have Never Used

my dad taught me how to use this in the late really dad? Now I don't think my kids will ever know how to use a map, tape deck, and card file in the library


100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

As I look back on my life - Tap to see more inspirational quotes that summarize the wisdom about life!

CHRISTian JESUS Reigns .875 x 1.875 inch by DesignsbyLindaNee, Jesus is my Savior not my religion. If God is for us who can be against us? Under His wings you will find refuge. Religion sets rules Jesus sets free.

Jesus set us free from all the "rule based" religion of the past. True Freedom in Christ. Furthermore, true freedom in Jesus Christ is living for Him and not for the world around us!

Slide Rule.  I loved working with it.  Ah...engineering math, ever so useful in my life!!!

Ok - I'm probably showing my age with this one - the old slide rule --- roots, calc., trig, log rhythms - No buttons to push to give ya the answers!

Oh you know... Just over here planning out my Level 10 Life in my bullet journal by boho.berry

The Balanced Wheel of Life



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its just so comfortable.. taking off ur jeans and sliding into leggings/sweatpants and laying on ur bed, watching TV

Except replace all that basic white girl trash for my emo trash (btw I don't mean to be offensive, I just think everything is trash)