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A Revolutionary Trip Down Tanzania's History

Mejah Mbuya hops off his bike outside a building that seems to be unoccupied. Searching in vain he murmurs, 'there used to be a plaque around here somewhere'.

Mumbai and Delhi are the Cheapest Places for 'Romantic' Dates in World

Mumbai's ornate horse-drawn carriages have been ruled 'cruel' and banned from the streets .

Gossip in Beijing Targets Government and the Rich

Donald Trump calls on his goons to stop 'other communities' from stealing the election

Queen Elizabeth with heirs Princes Charles and William, The Washington Post

There's nothing like a royal baby to lift a nation's spirits -- and those of its retailers, who are hoping to cash in on Prince William and Catherine's new arrival this month.

The voting process that determines the Oscar nominees is a long and complicated undertaking that involves more than 6000 voting members and hundreds of eligible films and filmmakers.

How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen?

A young German filmmaker won the best foreign movie student Academy Award at a film-school version of the Oscars.

Well-off Syrian Refugees Create Slice of Home in Dubai

Refugees who fled to the UAE as the conflict in Syria is dragging on, have now recreated a slice of home in the Gulf state

Drugmaker Shire Agrees to $54-Billion Takeover from AbbVie

Government's top drug regulatory had colluded with pharmaceutical firms to approve drugs without proper clinical trials, say sources.

Search for Remains of 'Quixote' Author Narrowed Down

Research team hunting for Cervantes' grave has narrowed the search to five possible sites at a Madrid church.

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SC issues guidelines to Centre govt, state govts to protect Northeast people