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funny nali vs nalu - Google Search

funny nali vs nalu we all know who wins lucy so it's always NaLu for life

Ouran Highschool Host Club

"Hahahahaha oh dear this is wonderful xD" Ouran High School Host Club. Tamaki and Haruhi.

Poor Yui she's from Diabolik Lovers and she deals with hot sadistic vampires. 6 Sakamaki boys and 4 Mukami boys who have fun taking turns nonstop by tormenting, torturing, and violating her, while claiming at the same time them doing so is because they love her. Which is done to a point that she eventually becomes submissive.

Uta no prince sama Amnesia Brothers conflict Diabolik Lovers Ooh I 💗 reverse harem whit all that hot anime guys

Drawn by . - Iwatobi Swim Club Wuajajajajajaja I don't like yaoi but this was funny


I have actually made (on the Wii thing) Levi, Erwin, Petra, (Kody made Levi and…

●●● creepypasta ticcimask - Google-søgning.  .........*sigh*

You call yourself a pasta fan. If you get that it's a frozen reference you suck. Reread the origin then come back.

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