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Images: Krishna wearing a scarf to battle the cold and other memorabilia from Jaipur's court. http://buff.ly/1K4zEF6

Images: Krishna wearing a scarf to battle the cold and other treasures from the Jaipur court

Opens Feb 21: “pain(t)ology and other trials” Dirk SkreberPetzel Gallery, 456 W18th St., NYCpaintings and a large sculpture. Skreber’s subjects tumultuously balance violence and beauty, catastrophe and calm, safety and fear, both in their immediate aftermaths and their potentiality as a quiet threat. - thru Mar 30

Dirk Skreber: Untitled 2012 Oil, acrylic, fluorescent paint, spray paint on wood 87 x 75 x inches

The Birth of Krishna. Illust. from the MahaBharata. Mewar, 1710. @DalrympleWill @ambrin_hayat @Chemburstudio @zpr27

An illustration to the Mahabharata: Birth of Krishna, depicting Nanda and gopis in celebration and gifts being bestowed to the Brahmins, Mewar, circa 1710

Jagannathi Shrine, India

Hindu, Jain & Colonial Antiques from India - in central London, UK.

Complete Dashavatara Ganjifa Playing Card Set & Box Sawantwadi

'Ganjifa’ is an ancient Indian card game which originated in Persia but sadly a craft form in crisis today. Each hand painted Ganjifa card is a beautiful work of art!

The Buddha gave the first sermon called the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta to his five disciples (Panca Vaggi) – Kondanna, Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanam and Assaji – at the Deer Park near Benares (Varanasi) on the eve of Saturday, the full moon day of July (Waso).

First sermon at the deer park

Japanese Edo period home furnishings print

thekimonogallery: “Ephemera [of century Japanese ] household objects:Omochae: Japanese Toy Pictures ”