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Images: Krishna wearing a scarf to battle the cold and other memorabilia from Jaipur's court.

pietro fabris - 'the eruption of vesuvius of 1767, seen from the ponte della maddalena, naples', oil on canvas.

2ndlook does not want the Kohinoor back in India!

The last Indian 'owner' of the Koh-i-noor - Maharajah Ranjeet Singh, by Jivan Ram, 1832. Lithograph of watercolor and pencil original, 14.7 x 10.6 cm. (Courtesy - Rita and Gurinder Singh Mann.; photo - Library, University of Berkeley.)

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Birth of Krishna (yet another refugee). Pahari, 1840. Cleveland M. A. @Chemburstudio @DalrympleWill @ambrin_hayat

Rama and Four Warriors, Number Four of the Rama Suit, Playing Card from a Dashavatara (Ten Avatars) Ganjifa Set India, Maharashtra, Sawantwadi (?), mid-18th century

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In a Grove. Kangra, 2nd half, 19th C. MFA, Boston. @Chemburstudio @DalrympleWill @ambrin_hayat