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12 Inch Statue Orisha OYA Santeria Lucumi Estatua Yoruba Saint

12 Inch Statue Orisha OYA Santeria Lucumi Estatua Yoruba Saint | Collectibles, Religion & Spirituality, Wicca & Paganism | eBay!

"When you realize that other dimensions exist, you will never again think of life, death, yourself, or the Universe in the same way again." ~The Afterlife of Billy Fingers ....

Not your ordinary temple carving... Kamakhya Devi is the considered to be the Yoni of the Goddess from the mythic view of the body of the Goddess falling all over India forming 51 Shakti Pith or sacred places associated with her actual body parts. Kamakhya Devi is also considered one of the main deities for practitioners of Vamakhara (left-hand) tantra.

this is where the Christians got there fish symbol...look familiar? and the so called Pearly gates of heaven are also called yoni or vagina. There is more if you care to know where religions got all there information and holidays... Christians simple copied every known devotion known to humans time thru time, all the while destroying the originals...sound familiar, Crusades & more..

Mi sangre me inspira! My blood inspires me! If all women could look at their menstrual cycles this way - every period would be a positive thing!