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This show requires a tremendous amount of suspension of disbelief, even for a fantasy/sci-fi show. :-)

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Doctor Who For Beginners

Bookish Whimsy: Number 12 and Doctor Who for Beginners. Best if just for the quote at the end

Yeah, it is.

but then we'd have two Doctor Songs. Could get confusing. I think I shall call him Doctor Pond instead. Come along, Doctor Pond! :) -jd<<<<>>Thank goodness someone else thought of this as they read it also.

River & the Doctor

Matt and Moffat talk about The Doctor and River Song. My favorite pair!

Exclusive Doctor Who Scene-- The Doctor playing David Tennant... Omigosh how have I NOT seen this before??? <<-- Hilarious!

Captain Jack Harkness, aka John Barrowman, in a specially written scene for a 2009 episode of "Tonight's The Night," a BBC One series John hosted that brings viewers' dreams to reality;