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Geekandsundry, one of the most amazing websites - EVER!!

The Guild: I’m the One That’s Cool Directed by Jed Whedon, Co-Written By Jed Whedon & Felicia Day

Still a better love story...

Wits & Wagers: Veronica Belmont, Phil LaMarr, and Jimmy Wong join Wil on TableTop, episode 13

Wil Wheaton Photobombs the Master Nathan Fillion (This would be even funnier if that woman wasn't Wil's wife.  A complete stranger would have made this just a little bit better.)

Wil Wheaton Photobombs the Master Nathan Fillion

Wil Wheaton Photobombs the Master Nathan Fillion. Click through for some great Nathan Fillion photo bombs!

Computer Upgrade King definitely has some serious "Geeks" because every detail when performing a computer modification matters. We love our computers!!

So true. People wonder why I watch movies and TV shows and read books over and over. It's because there's something new to discover every time.

OH DUDE YES. Everything will be compared to LotR Extended Edition Appendices.

Nerd Girl Problem Probably being the only type of person who enjoys watching the DVD, then rewatch it with commentary.

Nerd Boy Problem #177

Nerd Boy Problem I would also like to consider this a nerd girl problem too

And I still have enough life to give to Hobbit/LotR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Once Upon a Time, books, video games.....

The Fault in Our Stars

Nerdy Girl Problem Steven Moffat owns half of your life and Joss Whedon owns the other half.