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For Sale: There is no need to fear the wind if your haystacks ate tied  by Delona Seserman | $500 | 10"w 10"h | Original Art | https://www.vangoart.co/delona-seserman/there-is-no-need-to-fear-the-wind-if-your-haystacks-ate-tied @VangoArt

There is no need to fear the wind if your haystacks ate tied by Delona Seserman - This is a common landscape in Transylvania where you can.

Homemade Coloured Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Oh my goodness! You should see the way they bounce in the wind!

The Geeky Nerfherder: Cool Art: 'The King In The North' by Rhys Cooper #GameOfThrones

Cool Art: 'Game Of Thrones - Call Of The Banners' 'The King In The North' by Rhys Cooper Sleeve tattoo for sure

Bamboo http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oriental-Asian-Chinese-Painting-Ink-Art-Bamboo-Wind-FREE-SHIPPING-/350546778578?pt=Art_Paintingshash=item519e3759d2

Oriental Asian Chinese Painting Ink Art-Bamboo in the Wind

Dismantle an old xylophone and re-hang the keys somewhere on your music wall outside. Viola - instant music!

music center in backyard There are tons of zylophones at yardsales! I can disassemble one for the yard! This is a great idea for the back fence

Woodland Butterfly Suncatcher WIPS.  Work in progress copper wire work and semi-precious gemstone craft project.

Woodland Butterfly Suncatcher WIPs - View over my work in progress photographs for this copper wire work and gemstone butterfly suncatcher.

S A M S A R A - Joakim Heltne - Human Sculptures On Tumblr | More...

Maybe it's just the stance of the person, but this one is a lot of fun. I like that they use bubble wrap.

We cant feed the Poor but we can Fund a War by NME, UK, 12/15 (LP). This is an excellent example of great Street Art with a very important message.

By Lara Trace (former editor of the Pequot Times It happened years ago… but I can still feel myself outside the Pequot Museum on a bench and the wind is really blowing and J…

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame - Listing of Classic books to read for kids - best kid books.jpg

A luscious childhood: Beautiful books for children