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You do realize that Magneto's attempt to save Kennedy was done in non-Marvel.movie-verse and in another timeline, correct?

Alice - The Bunny was an amazing Weapon and Sometimes I even wonder How the hell they came up with the story behind the Weapons

Because grown up Dipper is the awesome Dipper... did I mention I was their age when the show started... meaning years wise he'd probably be sixteen by now (Despite the fact that the show ended a few months ago and they were '13'...)

Mey-Rin. I love how when she takes of her glasses to us a gun, she also pins up her skirt to move around easier. I also love how it seems that her glasses work the opposite way they are supposed to on her.

Near. I don't understand why people hate him. I think he's adorable in his own way. I love the childish side of him too.

Harley Quinn is without a doubt my favorite comic book character. I would LOVE to do a steampunk interpretation of her along with my other Harley costumes.

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