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Now to where it is warmer... jaguar.

The Jaguar and Panther is South America's equivalent of North America's Puma or Cougar.

Lion after the meal...  maybe he just swallowed an asshole.   (dark humor) ( I think it's a male lion)

Lion after the meal. maybe he just swallowed an body. (dark humor) ( I think it's a male lion)


I forgot you liked your coffee black. Just because HE is black and white doesn't mean he likes cream.

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The lions claw


Award winning nature photographer Stephen Oachs is an Aperture Academy instructor specializing in Landscape and Wildlife Photography.

Lion by (Peter Hausner)

The teen, Lion by (Peter Hausner)


B&W tiger print

LION - I upload this again with the right title. It was a little joke.

wolverxne:  See My Teeth ??? | by: { Josef Gelernter }

wolverxne: See My Teeth ?

Looking Up to Dad.

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kings always have many wives !

kings always have many wives !

feel the proudness of the father and the need of this little one: I want to sleep or I want to play:)

Dad's bugging me!

Don't laugh, but someday, I'll have my very own Buffalo. ;) Yes. Please just accept me the way I am and move on. :)

I will tolerate this Buffalo

Beautiful Cecil the Lion, notice his black mane, he was one of a kind, so sad!

Notch the Lion, King of the Marsh Pride - Maasai Mara, Kenya