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Faith: Sam has to find another way out of the cellar and breaks out a boarded up window

I love every scene with Derek and Stiles. They write it so tight, there's nothing extra. It's just pure funny with some expert timing.

Merlin. Why does no one watch Merlin? Well, it's over now. But still!

Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) ~ Friends Episode Stills ~ Season 1, Episode 17 ~ The One with Two Parts: Part 2

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Liam Dunbar on

Lol too funny. Stiles I ain't bad person and btw Danny u r just cray cray. Miguel don't feel bad I still love you

Still why I prefer Caroline over Elena! Her delusional positivity!

Why can't it still be like this...what happened to you Sammy???

Fan: so the first season of Supernatural weren't too popular ... I LOVE J2's reactions and answer (y) Just to put it into perspective- Season 1 averaged 4.52 million viewers Season 10 averaged 2.02 million viewers. No wonder they seem kind of offended by the fan’s casual dismissal of the first seasons. || Jensen Ackles || Jared Padalecki #Jaxcon 2016

J2 - 1/13 and 10/13 - still cute as they were in season one!

Early season 1 photo of Jared and Jensen. Love, so much of it, especially the hand being pinned and Jared's still looking up his lines, lol!