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Heated Side Bender Plans - Guitar: Electronic Version $15.99

Sick of bending your sides over a hot pipe or boiling them, or worse yet buying them pre-bent? Order our Heated Side Bender Plan and make your own quickly and inexpensively.


Strum Away With These Simple Guitar Tips. If you've ever been moved by the music of a skilled guitar player, you're not alone. The beautiful guitar has gotten many people interested in learning how

Electric Guitar Tonewood - The complete guide!

Guitar tonewood is an important aspect to look at when buying or building a guitar. they affect the very voice of your guitar so should not be overlooked!

Fretboard radius jig from Blue Ridge Luthiers.

Homemade fretboard radius jig constructed from MDF, laminate, and hardware. Intended for utilization with a router.

'59 Vintage Danelectro 4011 Super cool

1959 Vintage Danelectro 4011 Guitar ~Hand Vibrato (note the soft V headstock and chrome emblem) Awesome Photo! (This is mega-cool!