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*"Involuntary Abstinence" *is a concept of Internet humor that is typically iterated in image macros poking fun at male-oriented hobbies that may be deemed unattractive by the other sex, such as LARPing, cosplaying and video game collecting among others.

Destiel Flower Silly comics for fun. Background was a photo I got off google images a long time back, if someone would know the source I’d be happy to add it :)

They guy on the right is like "I gave her that 1D" Bruh. Hurry up and find ur chill life's to short to be wasting ur time dissing our band. If that's what ur gonna do then get a chill pill and back off

Back off Devil, I belong to Jesus! if i had a lil white box to put me JESUS in i take him aot and kiss his face and share him with a friend!.... if i had a lil black box to put the devil in i take him out and SMASH HIS FACE and put him back again! :)

I can't call myself a crazy ex-gf since it doesn't cross my mind to worry about what my ex's are up to. And I'm not the jealous type...but sometimes little chicks need to learn when it's time to back off! Love Miranda :)