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Freediving with Whalesharks - Bahía Concepción, Philippines

BUCKET LIST: Go scuba diving and get up close to marine life Freediving with Whalesharks by Phil Symonds


Related to the jellyfish and corals, Siphonophore is a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or in

Jawfish Protecting Its Babies

Yellowhead Jawfish - Little Cayman Island (male incubating eggs laid by the female). This photo is in two NatGeo books.

"Sea Toad" Angelfish; a deep sea dweller

Last week, the IUCN 2009 Seamount expedition ended, with scientists sampling two final seamounts in the Indian Ocean. Caught at was this deep-sea anglerfish, also known as a seatoad. Sarah Gotheil From BBC news

This is the velella, a small free floating hydrozoan. It's currently the only known species in the genus.

This is the velella (Velella Velella), a small free floating hydrozoan. It’s currently the only known species in the genus. They’re also known as sea-rafts or by-the-wind-sailors, for the obvious reason that it uses the “sail” for locomotion.

Seahorse - Disney Fact: Many seahorses mate for life.Many seahorses are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. The male and female have an elaborate, daily courtship ritual, involving a "dance" where they entwine their tails, and may change colors. (http://marinelife.about.com/od/invertebrates/tp/10-Facts-About-Seahorses.htm)

Real Purple Seahorses Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App .

Just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water.

30 Pictures Taken at Just the Right Time

Funny pictures about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Oh, and cool pics about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Also, Breaking The Water Surface Tension photos.

belugas- one of my faves

Funny pictures about Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings. Also, Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings.

FotoCAM 2010. Mención Especial. Categoría Submarina. Peter Oxford. “Shark and gringos”. Obra Social. Caja Mediterráneo by Obra Social Caja Mediterráneo on Flickr.

We are a Land Based Shark Fishing Team. We fish for records, not food. All fish are caught and released. Sharks are caught, tagged and released to assist in scientific research. Shark DNA samples are.

Pallet gardening by Luci

Una buena idea para el centro de la huerta - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Заботливый папа

A Male Sea Horse Birthing. Grosses me out a little bit . But, I think this is so COOL the male Sea Horse carries and births the babies!

Cuttle fish in a lovely blue and black coat. Do cuttlefish have coats? I guess they have skins.

Hummingbird Bobtail Squid (Euprymna berryi) found in the tropical waters of the…