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Tea Party tax day protest 2010 St. Paul, Minnesota April 15, 2010 There was another Tea Party protest at the Minnesota capitol on April 15, tax day. Protesters call for smaller government and the repeal of the health care law enacted in March, 2010.

A liberal will take offense to this; because they know it's true. Stay classy, my dear conservatives.

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This is because everything is OK for them because they truly believe they are superior to everyone else. No one else can have what they have unless you think like them. This also why they are so hateful and angry all the time. They believe they know what's best for everyone. If everyone would just get out of their way and let them control everything, the world be perfect in every way.

So the Left have NO PROBLEM accepting and forcing us to accept a man as a woman (or a woman as a man) but they have a problem with a white woman being a black woman... Hmmmm

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CRIMIMAL- 33,000 Emails, bashed phones with hammers,Clinton Foundation, pay to play, evil incarnate!!!

Wisconsin sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

★ ‿ ★ ★ #ANONYMISS ✰"You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We're partners now. Can I count on you?" Milwaukee County Sheriff DavidClarkeJr Awesome Sheriff reminds people of the importance of being armed & trained; "That they are responsible to play a role in their safety."