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This image using visual metaphor in it to show it meaning. The road on the grass is covered by people. This show all the way is make by people. Human using their power and idea to creative the new things. It is very interesting idea to show it.

Erik Johansson on his best with Awesome computer art examples. Images can talk on their self. what a great way of communication throw art and design. AMAZING!

Stunning Digital Art…

Funny pictures about Stunning Digital Art. Oh, and cool pics about Stunning Digital Art. Also, Stunning Digital Art.

15 Mind-Bending Photographs That Combine Fantasy with Reality - TechEBlog #funny #joke

Erik Johansson is a full-time photographer and retoucher from Sweden, now based in Berlin, Germany. The wildly successful artist does both personal and commission work for big brands around the world. Here's a small sample of Erik’s artwork.

The world class photographer Erik Johannson

The stunning work of the photographer Erik Johansson.

21 Mindbending Pictures That Blend Reality And Fantasy.  Really awesome, would love some of these framed as art!

21 Mindbending Pictures That Blend Reality And Fantasy

Vertical Turn - Erik Johansson - end of the road, cyclist, bicycle surreal art by anna ferenczy

Swedish photographer Erik Johansson is seemingly on a mission to blow our minds with his captivating optical illusions.

Erik Johansson's optical illusion photographs will boggle your mind

8 Mind Bending Optical Illusions by Eric Johansson "The Architect". Image Courtesy of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson "Impossible Photography" | Artwedesign

Photographer Erik Johansson, whom we featured previously, returns with more mind-bending photo manipulations. This time, Johansson ventured.


The mind-bending photo-realistic ultra-manipulated work of Erik Johansson: arms break vases dont

Photographer Erik Johansson creates stunning surreal images that are often composed of hundreds of different captures that he merges in one photo...

Mind-Bending Photography by Erik Johansson

ART: Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson Well damn. There’s Photoshop experts and then there’s this guy. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible.