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Pinterest, most people really try to figure out Milagro and his actions out. Nobody and I mean nobody will figure my ass out. Hell, I can't even figure my ass out either lol. I sometimes be small minded. So I appreciate all the small minded people out there. We all are in it together. Just different adventures. #onlymeperiod

Pinterest, today's blog is about off sleeping pattern, our false egos love drama and conflict, didn't go to exchange my foodstamps for cash because of the rain, bullshit conversations, people acting an ass in public lol, talking about life in general, and my mother still waiting for me to apologize to her. #onlymeperiod

Pinterest, I remember when I left Texas I was mad as fuck for not accomplishing what I wanted to do in Texas. Really Beaumont, Texas. I didn't become rich, famous, fucking all the hoes, etc. I traveled around state to state and yet, nothing didn't exactly happened how I thought it should. Life was telling me "my nicca, I control this shit. Milagro only control a very small fraction." Once I understood that, I am truly excited about living life unknown. #onlymeperiod

Pinterest, today's blog is about me surrendering to my made up life, process of going through spiritual awakening, recorded a video about #blacklivesmatter until, being real about my situation, and talking about other artiest about realness. #onlymeperiod

Pinterest, today's blog is about my roommate acts like me in some ways, allowing energy to flow to my daily activities, reading a new book, talking about my false image, it's hard practicing being present, few experiences I had, fuck rules and regulations, and more experiences I had. #onlymeperiod

Pinterest, today's blog is about me expressing my feelings, police caught me jumping over the train turnstile, expressing how I feel being depress, I am addicted to some shit, and conversation with my roommate. #onlymeperiod