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I remember when it was full of coins and you put one in to make a call loads would fall out the bottom, you could also reverse the charges as well

Eurovision Song Contest 1970 - Mary Hopkin 1.jpg Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end......

at one time, the HPDH2 script had draco walking across the courtyard to his parents until he saw that harry was alive at which point he shouted "Potter", and ran back across the courtyard away from his parents to harry | GIF

Photographer Bob Gruen's best shot

Debbie and Iggy , Toronto 1977 photographer Bob Gruen. " I was totally taken with Debbie; I still am today. In my mind, she's the Marilyn Monroe of that generation. Someone has to be the most beautiful girl, and she's the one."

Mary Hopkin on why she's appalled by X Factor judges

Mary Hopkin was born in Pontardawe, Wales into a Welsh-speaking family. Knock knock, who's there? Cold this be love that's calling?

The Flintstones is the best family-friendly cartoon. It is about a family of cavemen living in a society very similar to 20th century America. It was way better than the Jetsons. It was inspired by the Honeymooners and served as inspiration for cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy.