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25 Gorgeous DIYs For Your Teenage Girl’s Room

So light and lovely. All the elements I am looking at - freestnding batch, sparkly feature tiles, floating cabinet, mirror wall cabinet, large floor tiles (be good in gloss)

Two Bedroom Apartment by Kia Designs

Love love love the Mother of Pearl tile on the wall with the light grey floor tiles, awesome feature wall and white everywhere else. Could clever mirror tiles be incorporated somewhere?

No seriously, this is a researched thing. When women move into a field in higher numbers, the pay goes down, because we pay women less. Even the men in that field get paid less when more women move in and that's why some men ferociously claim their field is "men only" and attack the women who try to work with them. Most likely if higher numbers of men moved into a "female" field, the pay would go up. (explanation continues in comment section)

What I get is that all women should equally distribute themselves into everything until we have ruined absolutely everything.

so...sports cars usually do nothing for me. and i mean nada, zilch, would sell it to buy a fully restored vintage car. but in hot pink even i can appreciate this :)

The Lamborghini Gallardo

Gurl. >> I won't judge girl. Of course it's kind of rare, for me that girls can like make-up AND books but if you like the same things I like...then I will be your friend for a lifetime...love all of you awesome nerds...

I'm a girl who loves makeup. I'm also a girl who loves books. The dumb stereotype of choosing one or the other is so annoying. Fight me.// Same, whisper girl, same.

So cute!!  Would have to make some changes to make it work for boys, but def a cute idea.

So cute! I love the space saving use of these beds. I suppose if you have an unused closet in the next room you could use that space, or could build shelves in a closet around the bed area from this room. So sweet.