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Nothing spectacular, just Added the pearls. Also, I'm thinking of a name for her. Do y'all have any suggestions? Leave me a comment to tell me what you ... NEW My Little Mermaid

My toddler Milo is obsessed with Toy Story lately, Ive watched the films like a million times now! XD It was therefore inevitable I would end up drawing... Missing Bo Peep

I'm not too sure about the stepsisters, I might have swapped their names, sorry >.< It's actually pretty hard to make an ugly girl with this maker... Fairytale Musicals - Stepfamily

more disney girls as mermaids created on azaleasdolls from left to right top to bottom alice (alice in wonderland) blue fairy (pinochio) captain amelia ... disney mermaids 2

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and Disney Fairies!! Made with Azaleas Dolls', Heroine creator. Tinkerbell

After making Wonder Woman on the Disney Heroine doll maker, I was inspired to try making several of the Disney Princesses as Super Heroines. I actually ... Super Heroine Rapunzel