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Nothing spectacular, just Added the pearls. Also, I'm thinking of a name for her. Do y'all have any suggestions? Leave me a comment to tell me what you ... NEW My Little Mermaid

I'm not too sure about the stepsisters, I might have swapped their names, sorry >.< It's actually pretty hard to make an ugly girl with this maker... Fairytale Musicals - Stepfamily

My toddler Milo is obsessed with Toy Story lately, Ive watched the films like a million times now! XD It was therefore inevitable I would end up drawing... Missing Bo Peep

Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's stepmother. Lady Tremaine

more disney girls as mermaids created on azaleasdolls from left to right top to bottom alice (alice in wonderland) blue fairy (pinochio) captain amelia ... disney mermaids 2

After making Wonder Woman on the Disney Heroine doll maker, I was inspired to try making several of the Disney Princesses as Super Heroines. I actually ... Super Heroine Rapunzel

I love the movie Tangled and I imagined if Flynn and Rapunzel had to get married in the snuggly duckling it would like this Rapunzel