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Merlin Gerin 33090 Micrologic Microswitch Performer N/14 Schneider Electric NEW (YY3846-1)

RÉPARTITEUR ÉTAGÉ 630 A 4P SCHNEIDER 04055 merlin gerin

Used But Good Condition. C60H Multi9 Range RCBO. Also Fits Older Merlin Gerin C60H Boards Tested @ 0.5x, 1x & 5x - Schneider RCBO 6 Amp 30mA Type C 6A C60H Multi9 C60HC6R30 Merlin Gerin 26857

Merlin Gerin (Schneider Electric) Multi 9 RTB Time delay relay - 16066

Mini Circuit Breaker Merlin Gerin Domae by Schneider | Butiklistrik

It's just a cut-away demo of a modern piece of Merlin-Gerin kit 11kV switchgear. It's used for general HV switching, being (relatively) cheap and extremely reliable. I was fortunate to visit the Schneider factory in Leeds, where I took the picture.



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