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Not Nermil, but could be!

Not Nermil, but could be!

Dog Supplies, Horse Tack

Heated Outdoor Cat House. An excellent product for outdoor cats.  My Kids are indoor animals....their new abode will be the first time outside, but safe and surrounded by a mesh netting.  Over protective Momma

Heated Outdoor Cat House

The Only Heated Outdoor Cat House - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the only heated outdoor cat home that keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures. Great for my outdoor cat

20 Adorably Sweet Quotes About Life

Reasons You Should Celebrate Life Every Day

Read this cat behavior article to learn about cats eyes and eye blinking cat kisses. This cat communication article explains why cats give eye blink cat kisses andn what they mean.

A cat's map of the bed. to funny and so true!

Did you know the rules of the bed? Certainly knew the foot attack zone!


Beauty Lab: Maybelline Baby Lips

This has to be the most cat friendly couch I have ever seen. The Cat Tunnel Couch, designed by Seungji Mun, has a habitrail like tube that runs around the outside. My favorite part is the.

No wonder our dear late kitty drank from water in the bathroom

Cats & picky water -- and I always thought that it was just an idiosyncracy of my own cats -- we have "special water" in 3 different places in the house!