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Juan Manuel Orozco, ilustrador de Costa Rica que se dedica principalmente a crear fabulosas ilustraciones vectoriales relacionadas a temas como ciencia ficción, animación o video juegos. Sus obras …

iron-man and Ultron by Juan Manuel Orozco

Samus (Metroid Prime) by Its-Raining-Neon.deviantart.com

Samus Aran (Light Suit) from Metroid Prime Echoes Cosplayer: Its Raining Neon Photographer: Cozpho Photography

'No.02' ~cyborg girl illustration by yintion J (on Artstation) - detail

~cyborg girl illustration by yintion J - mecha suits on women always try to capitalize on impractical, and sexistic, clothing.


Three Elementals advance along a corridor in an industrial zone. Packs of strange soldiers aggressively close with them, showing little regard for their. Trials By Fire