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Rice cakes with cream at Mhmd Ali Road during Ramzan in Mumbai

from The Happy Foodie

Fancy Flumps

Fancy flump marshmallow ropes from Meringue Girls: Everything Sweet are super fun to make. Marshmallows are made exactly the same way as an Italian meringue - adding hot sugar syrup to stiff egg whites - but with the addition of gelatine to make them set. We suggest making this with friends, as the marshmallow mixture sets quite quickly and you need a few hands on deck to pipe the ropes before it does. Good messy fun.

from BBC Good Food

Lemon drizzle cakes

Light and more-ish. Rock on mini lemon drizzle cakes. Even better if you add polenta as improves texture: subtitute 100g f flour for 100g of polenta.

from BBC Good Food

Dorset apple cake

Edd Kimber creates a rustic bake with chunks of sweet fruit and a crunchy demerara sugar topping

from The Happy Foodie

Sherbet Dipper

Sherbert Dippers from Hope and Greenwood. Let us hopscotch into the playground of our past. As homage to the sherbet dips of our childhoods here is the perfect recipe for a sharp, lemon peel sherbet and a dark caramel, lemon lollipop. Yummy!

from Neils Healthy Meals

Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bread and Butter Pudding

The traditional bread and butter pudding is brought up to date with this wicked chocolate chip vanilla bread and butter pudding. This is simple to make and you will love it!

I think plastic has its place - ignore this picture - go to website for BROWN RICE TORTILLA RECIPE (with tapioca or arrowroot flour)

from Catch My Party

woodland fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Adorable cake and cupcakes at a Fairy Garden Party #fairygarden #partycake

from The Debrief

Things To Do Whether You Are Staying In Or Going Out

rainbow flatbread veggie pizza from the fabulous @Ali Velez Velez Ebright (Gimme Some Oven) #myplate #rainbow #pizza #veggie #healthy #fun #kids #family #meal

Oum Ali - An Egyptian Dessert that is the Middle East's version of bread and butter pudding