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I love my snowflake eel he is so awesome but my mom said she won't come near my fish tank cause it looks like a snake

from Scuba Diving

BOO! Spooky Eels from Around the World

SNOWFLAKE EEL (Ambon Island, Indonesia) I love the coloration of this eel. These are quite common in Indonesia.

Snowflake Moray, Kona, Hawaii by SteveD.: The snowflake moray eel (Echidna nebulosa) has white, black and yellow splotches all over its body, which come together to look like snowflake designs. Moray eels eat their prey in a unique way – with two jaws. The second set of jaws is in their throat, which shoots up and grabs the prey from the main pair of jaws, drawing the prey down to the esophagus. #Moray_Eel

Male Nimbochromis venustus a good looking predator from Lake Malawi. #cichlids #malawicichlids #fwfishgeekgrandrapids