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Explore these ideas and much more! New York City (also referred to as "New York", "NYC", "The Big Apple", or just "The City" by locals), is the most populous city in the USA.

Just weeks after NASA astronauts repaired the Hubble Space Telescope in December 1999, the Hubble Heritage Project snapped this picture of NGC 1999, a nebula in the constellation Orion. The Heritage astronomers, in collaboration with scientists in Texas and Ireland, used Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) to obtain this colour image.

Richard Ashcroft of Wigan’s finest, The Verve “I stand accused, just like you, for being born without a silver spoon” amazing picture!

Hubble Looks Into a Cosmic Kaleidoscope

Hubble Looks Into a Cosmic Kaleidoscope This cosmic kaleidoscope of purple blue and pink marks the site of two colliding galaxy clusters. March 25 2016 Clouds Over Glencoe by matt-anderson -Just got back from 2 weeks of traveling all around Scotland. An experience that turned out to be one of the most wonderful trips to date. I learned it could take a decade or more to fully immerse yourself into it's boundless beauty. Image description: Glencoe Village on the southern bank of the River Coe where it enters Loch Leven in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. In the distance you can see the Mountains of… Time by Sebastian_Tontsch -This is a 4 minute exposure of Downtown Dubai during sunset with great clouds like we had that day it was obvious to get the 15 stop Nisi filter out and do a long exposure to capture some movement. We are back to waiting for the weather to change as the last days were a bit dull and the clouds disappeared great holiday weather but not so great for photographers out here clear blue skies is just not our thing :). Tags…

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims. by Vincent_Zenon #architecture #building #architexture #city #buildings #skyscraper #urban #design #minimal #cities #town #street #art #arts #architecturelovers #abstract #photooftheday #amazing #picoftheday Surfers' Paradise by baldomerocoelho -Image made just before Christmas Eve while a few surfers were still hitting the waves. Hope you like it! Best regards!. Tags: skyseasunsetwaterbeachtravelbluesunlightcoastoceanwavesbeautifulfujisandseascapesurfx-t2

Beautiful and Creative Artwork From The Mind of Kristina Webb

Kristina Webb is a young artist (18) from New Zealand with a passion to inspire people with her artwork. Yes guys (and any friends of mine that follow my articles) her artwork is very pretty…