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Speckled Mousebird, Cameroon The mousebirds are a small group of birds, that are related to the clade Eucavitaves, that includes the cuckoo roller (Leptosomatiformes), trogons (Trogoniformes), Bucerotiformes, Coraciformes and Piciformes.[1] The mousebirds are therefore given order status as Coliiformes. This group is confined to sub-Saharan Africa, and is the only bird order confined entirely to that continent. They had a wider range in prehistoric times and apparently evolved in Europe

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have headphones on keep taking them off to make sure it's not playing through speaker Paranoid Parrot

'Puffin landing' - Iris Waanders | Puffin landing at the Isle of Noss. (Sarah-sadly I didn't see one whilst there!)

The (animal) eyes have it!

Vintage 1968 Trifari Enamel Figural Penguin Brooch Pin