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Use the Contrary Evidence Interviewing Technique to help you avoid hiring mistakes. Learn how here

#Contextual Talent Analytics can help in reducing the time-to- hire for a job description. It assists organizations in creating a pool of qualified candidates much in advance due to which they can schedule interviews instantly. This brings down the sourcing time which in turn has a direct impact on the time-to- hire.

Recruiters can get right fit #candidates only with #contextual #technology which uses human-like #intelligence to search and match the most relevant candidates. This helps reduce time-to-hire, increase interview-to-hire ratio, save time and costs. Learn now

Hiring a new employee can be a stressful time. Where to advertise? How long will this vacancy take to fill? What to look for when sifting through the resume responses? What screening and interviewing techniques will aid in finding ‘the one’? With all of these questions swirling around in the minds of hiring managers, it is easy to see how hiring documentation can be an afterthought. However, a clearly defined process on the front end can actually save time, reduce unnecessary stress and…

Two most important factors in #Recruitment Industry - Quality of Hires & Time to hire Check how making it easier for #HR & #Recruiters YouTube

A factory may keep an inventory of parts or products in order to rapidly meet customer orders. However, lean thinking tells us to be very wary of inventory. Lean originated the phrase "just in time" to capture the idea of getting what you need just when you need it as opposed to maintaining an inventory. Lean considers excessive inventory a critical waste.

How to survive the two-way #video #interview - As employers look at ways of reducing recruitment costs and time, #video #recruitment is becoming more popular. In the #United #States One in every six #hiring #managers now use this method of #recruiting - This article shows the top ten tips to survive this method of #interviewing