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Drugging the Environment. Humans have spiked ecosystems with a flood of active pharmaceuticals. The drugs are feminizing male fish, confusing birds, and worrying scientists.

<b>Caption from LIFE.</b> Henry, a 12-pound orangutan at the St. Louis zoo, wakes from a nap in his incubator. Born at the zoo last year, he was removed to an incubator when his mother neglected him. Orangs, which come from Sumatra and Borneo, must be treated like human babies, with a formula diet, oil baths and plenty of personal attention to keep them happy.

‘I drank the water and ate the fish. We all did. The acid has damaged me permanently’ In the villages near Africa’s biggest copper mine, you can smell and taste the pollution. As a legal battle against metals giant Vedanta/KCM reaches London, villagers in Chingola, Zambia, tell of blighted lives and a looming catastrophe

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