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Hecate- Queen of Witches, Goddess of The Crossroads. Zeus honored her above all goddesses, granting her a share of the earth, the heavens and the sea. She is honored by all the deathless gods as nurse for the young and patron to the dying.


oh yes bring on the fireworks surreal sparks strange beauty made manifest radiance unable to be contained this is She (pic by Android Jones)

Occult, Tarot & Astrology ~ Tantra, Oracles and Symbols ~ Gay Mystics, Masculine Divinity and the forbidden fruit .

This software-powered timelapse artwork demonstration shows a surrealistic vision of what the first cyborgs might look like.

Vendetta - Android Jones - http://digitalvisionaryart.com

Modern Esoteric Art And Symbolism - Android Jones - Occupy Imagination

Animalia. "The wonder of the animal kingdom is their unexplainable beauty. From the the "simple" design of an ant to the complexity and intricate design of a peacock. They are all beautiful in their own way! Such as a woman has not only exterior beauty but interior as well, so does the natural world." Comment your philosophical views!!

A trippy and surreal Photoshop painting by digital artist Andy android Jones of a woman surrounded by animals


This painting by Android Jones represents to me the essence of masculine and feminine, each in strength and vulnerability. It continues to mean more and more to me.