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American Girl Doll has hearing aids for their dolls. American Girl Doll also offers wheel chairs, service dogs, dolls with no hair, etc. Very impressive!

I think if you're going to wear hearing aids they should have glitter. duh Omg for my sweet momma who has worn hearing aids most of her life

If you are starting to experience hearing loss, it's time to see an experienced audiologist. Sonora Hearing Care offers professional hearing aid services that can help! Come in to be fitted for hearing aids in Tuscon AZ.

Direct Hearing Aid Service is a professional hearing aid repair service in Orange County California

Hearing Aids in Children: Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Toddlers and preschoolers may refuse to wear their hearing aids. This article offers practical advise for keeping hearing aids on a child for each developmental stage.

Hearing Aid Doll accessory for kids. Perfect for Deaf/HH kids or any child to begin exposure and acceptance of differences early.not sure I like the hearing aid though but the thought is a step in the right direction

A few people must have faced this dilemma when asked by the dispenser to choose between an Analogue or a Digital type of Hearing Aid. Learn the Difference Between Analog and Digital Hearing Aids in India. Find & Buy the Right Hearing Aid for You.

If you decide to buy hearing aids then do some market research to get the best service. You know this is an expensive investment and you want to do everything to find the right one that meets your needs. There are so many different brands and different retail outlet to choose from.

Made For iPhone Hearing Aids: Hands On With Halo, A Mission-Critical Wearable

Pair of Apple patent applications set the stage for an hearing aidbased social network Leave to Apple to try their hand at making hearing aids cool. It's an interesting idea.but does NOT seem practical.

Hayleigh's Hearing Aid Charms "Dainty Delicates are back with all new colors! These precious flowers are decorated with tiny Swarovski pearls and crystals. So dainty, so delicate, so very pretty!

Cute headbands to help hold Cochlear implants or hearing aids in place. Headbands can be decorated with bows, barrettes, or worn alone.