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#‎Spirulina‬: Nature's complete food.

Spirulina is a kind of blue green algae that improves hemoglobin, fights fatigue and keeps you active and energetic. It is a natural health supplement for a healthy heart and immunity.

After taken ‪#‎Spirulina‬ you feel energatic for whole day.

Add ‪#‎Spirulina‬ in your regular diet and fell energetic for whole day.

After successfully completed Jogger’s park activity, now we are performing our next activity in Deer Park (Hauz Khas) & Nehru Park (Chanakya Puri). I will be very thankful for those who will join and enjoy this activity. Benefits of joining this activity:- 1) Get knowledge about Herbal Products 2) Great opportunity to Meet experts

Dr. Shugar jar made from Stevia Leaf Extracts which is 100% natural calorie & chemical free sweetener for diabetics, hypertensives and calorie conscious people.

Turmix mouthwash is the first brand in the market with Curcumin fortified with Thymol, Eucalyptol, Clove oil, Mentha oil & Tea Tree oil. Turmix mouthwash is 100% Natural & safe .It is Alcohol free, Chemical free & Sugar free. No Burning Sensation.

NUNERVE-LM is an ideal composition of L-Carnitine fortified with Mecobalamin, Folic Acid, Grape seed extract, Vitamin E & Vitamin D3 for #Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, muscle, #weakness etc