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Pro-Wolf North West From generation to generation, the wolf pack in the sky is most assuredly watching over the young .

This is first (headshot) comission for ~DemonNyoko The character - a fox who is unusual enough. I have decided not to represent its hair - to me it seems they not so well would look on a picture.

Wonderful Wolf, oh my God i wish i have a wolf or many wolf in my house, but i scare

Their enchanting personality is quite visible in wolf pictures. Nevertheless, wolf pictures can not capture the awesome personality of wolves.

"Os lobos saudáveis e as mulheres saudáveis têm certas características psíquicas em comum: percepção aguçada, espírito brincalhão e uma elevada capacidade para a devoção. Os lobos e as mulheres são gregários por natureza, curiosos, dotados de grande resistência e força. Tem experiência em se adaptar a circunstâncias em constante mutação. Têm uma determinação feroz e extrema coragem."

Native American - Wolf The wolf and the indian hunted together and this is where their souls were joined It's not surprising that the Indian saw the wolf as a significant animal.

Together forever

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